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My sheltered patio mounted dish (and our 10 degree facing dishes) get a lot of sunshine on them for a large part of the day and my grey pained dish is far too hot to touch at midday - the black Iverto LNB very hot also.

However we had a couple of cloudy days last week and the dish and LNB were 'cool' with an ambient temperature of 30 degrees and the same 'SNR problem' occurred.
So I don't think it's a 'dish/LNB temperature' problem.

For me at least - and some others, there are two issues, lower overall average level of SNR for 2 + months now, and 'considerable' stepping/jumps up and down of the (lower) SNR during the day.

My view is that the satellite signal path - up and down -  is through a volatile atmosphere at this time of the year.

We shall see, later?



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Did someone already ask if its caused by excess heat in June and July causing the dish to warp, perhaps getting a deeper parabolic shape?

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