Re: Vegetation index

Thorsten Miglus

Hi Ferdinand,

my NDVI files are processed. But I don't use the Tellicast default directory scheme.
All files for processing with MSG Data Manager go to a single folder. (G:\Raw)
Mapping Channel 8 data to another Folder may help:
name=EUMETSAT Data Channel 8


On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 11:48 AM, Ferdinand Valk wrote:
The MSG Data Manager processes all incoming MPEF files and places them
correctly in the destination directory as defined. However, the NDVD and
NDVI files that come in via data channel 8, are transferred as they are
(RAW) to the Data-channel-8 directory (not in the yyyy/mm/dd tree).
Is this an error on my side or are these files not being handled and
processed as regular MPEF files?

Ferdinand Valk

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