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As you know, I am also suffering a 0.5 dB drop on my overall daily SNR variation - peak to peak.
I thought things had improved slightly a couple of days last week with my higher level edging up but it was short lived.

The continuing relentless daytime heat down here (and it's set to get even hotter this week) make it difficult to compare with earlier cooler times this year - when of course the sun was lower.
A weather forecaster on BBC TV said that UV levels are unusually high this year so that has an effect on the 'atmosphere.'
But I too agree, 'something happened a couple of months ago.'

We can't both be wrong?



In a message dated 22/07/2018 20:53:03 GMT Standard Time, iandeans142@... writes:

I am still of the opinion that it is some change in the satellite as I
am not the only one to be experiencing this signal drop, and my
northerly position is likely not to be helping !!

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