Re: EUMETCastView

R. Alblas

Hi, Hugo.

I disagree with you that an automatic update wouldn't add much.
Some time ago my xrit2pic could only create video in a manual way. As a result I didn't do that very often (actually, rarely).
Now I have it running in a full automatic way (including removing old data), covering western Europe, using RSS, and it is fascinating to see how clouds are forming, moving, hanging against coasts etc. Each day is different. I think the only way to experience that is to have an automatic way of creation; you never know what next day will bring.


On 07/17/2018 08:39 PM, Hugo wrote:
Hi David, Graham,

In the beginning the program will probably not update the video automatically. ( I don't like to use scripts ). The reason is of course that my system exist of two PC's, one receiving the data and one running EUMETCastView and my programs must run on Linux as well as on Windows. But that being said, if you keep the calculated video images from a previous run, a new run ( for example 1 hour later ), will be very fast because the program will only calculate the added video images. For creating the video itself I use 'ffmpeg', which is very fast, ( ) and runs on Windows and Linux.
Updating the video automatically makes the whole thing more complex, and, in my humble opinion does not add much to the usability of the program.

Kind regards,



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