Re: TP-1 SNR.



Thanks for that.
Actually you suggested this during a 'bad signal' patch a year or so ago.
I did look at it, the 'building' and configuration of the programme and felt it was beyond my ability and didn't want endlessly to have to ask 'how do I set this up.'

The other thing would to only have a scale detailing 12.5 dB to 14.4 dB.

Today it's cool and cloudy here with the dish and LNB 'cold' and SNR is down to usual morning/day lower level 13.6 dB - quite steady at the moment, 09:43 UTC.
Power is -26 dBm which is the cooler evening reading.



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I have a program which plots SNR from the BDADataEx software:

used for solar outage plotting. The recording part works stand-alone, and
the plotting part could easily be updated. You'd need a TBS receiver,
though. Or use MRTG with the Ayecka SR1 as detailed in my notes:

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