Re: TP-1 SNR.

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Well, a further update, the Sun has been off the dish and LNB for a few hours now due to cloud - and I installed a fan on the SR1 which is now cold and SNR is still down at 'lower' levels at 16:10 UTC and still 'stepping.'
At 16:08 the SNR 13.5 to 13.8 and back.
At 16:25 still stepping 13.6/.7/.8 with a .5 thrown in every now and again.

I should have added originally my Power reading drops to - 27 dBm when the dish and LNB are in full Sun.
- 26 in later afternoon and if the evening is cooler - some hope - at -25 every now and gain, which it was last winter/Spring.

Yes, an automated plot with a span of 12.5 to 14.5 dB SNR would be very useful.
I say from 12.5 since for the first time since monitoring my levels regularly my SNR has dropped below 13.00 dB for a short period today.



I have a program which plots SNR from the BDADataEx software:

used for solar outage plotting. The recording part works stand-alone, and the plotting part could easily be updated. You'd need a TBS receiver, though. Or use MRTG with the Ayecka SR1 as detailed in my notes:

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