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I think you are doing very well 'up there' with 13.8 - to 14.00 from a 1.1 m dish at 'best time.'

I note what David has said regarding what mode the TP 1 transponder might be in, but when I realigned my dish a couple of months ago and got back to my usual 13.9 - to 14.3 dB SNR (mostly above 14.0) which lasted several weeks - if the mode was changing then, it wasn't noticeable.

Something has happened recently in that my usual level of SNR is down quite a bit and I see more stepping of 13.8 to 13.5 and/or vice versa than with my previously higher and fairly steady signal.
And I never see 'best signal'  figures of 14.3 - 14.4 dB anymore.



In a message dated 18/06/2018 10:33:40 GMT Standard Time, iandeans142@... writes:

TP1 signal does vary by about 0.7 SNR over a full day with the
best signal ( 13.8 / 14.00 ) overnight, probably due to my northerly
location. I am using a 1.1 metre dish.

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