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David, could you please expand a little on this comment you made?
Regards, Peter


Please see:

From that page:

The Copernicus Open Access Hub (previously known as Sentinels Scientific Data Hub) provides complete, free and open access to Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 user products, starting from the In-Orbit Commissioning Review (IOCR).

Open Access Hub : access point for all Sentinel missions with access to the interactive graphical user interface.

API Hub : access point for API users with no graphical interface. All API users regularly downloading the latest data are encouraged to use this access point for a better performance.

Sentinel-3A Pre-operational Hub : pre-operational access point for all users to Sentinel-3 L1 and L2 Land data. Login credentials are s3guest:s3guest .

Sentinels GNSS Rinex Pre-operational Hub : pre-operational access point for all users to the GNSS L1b products in Rinex format of all the Sentinel platforms in operations. Login credentials are gnssguest:gnssguest

There are a number of such sites perhaps folks might like to say which one they find the best. One chap who does some interesting and helpful image processing and channel combinations is Pierre Markuse

I believe his tools are free-of-charge, but I've not used that site myself. As with many folks involved in the Copernicus/Sentinel data he is on Twitter:

I have some information about my own processing of Internet-sourced Sentinel 2A data here:

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