Re: HVS-2

Douglas Deans

On 19/06/2018 10:06, James Brown wrote:
On 18/06/2018 16:26, Douglas Deans via Groups.Io wrote:
One input OF MY TBS 6903 is handling the new S3A data and the existing data very well on the HVS-2 service.
So S3A ERR and EFR, NOAA 20 VIIRS M and DNB, and GOES 16 ABI and GLM sometimes simultaneously without loss.
Bodes well for S3B being added and NOAA 20 and GOES 16 going to HVS-1 (on the other 6903 input).

I haven't seen a corresponding update on the transfer of GOES16 & NOAA20 data yet - I guess that info should be coming soon.

James the timings of the change for NOAA 20 and GOES 16 are on the same announcement :-

So parallel operation for NOAA 20 and GOES 16 will start on 22nd August and by 11th September those services will only be available on HVS-1.

I assume the only name change will be the prefix from E2H to E1H


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