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On 18/06/2018 11:40, Ferdinand Valk wrote:

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I have to report that I am still seeing a drop of approx. 0.5 SNR on my
TP1 signal.

In fact today both my TP1 and TP2 signals are identical at about 13.00 SNR. My
TP1 signal does vary by about 0.7 SNR over a full day with the best signal ( 13.8
/ 14.00 ) overnight, probably due to my northerly location. I am using a 1.1
meter dish.

Before the time of change I had a difference of about 0.1 dB in favour of TP-1. Now I'm measuring a difference of about 0.7 dB also in favour of TP1.
I can only account numbers reliably as from April last, because then the dish had to be realigned after the storm earlier in the year.
If I take the max SNR levels as reference: April was TP1= 15.5 and TP2= 15.4 dB. Current situation TP1=15.9 and TP2= 15.2 dB (these numbers are taken from the link margin graph plus 9.3 dB).
Of course you are in a more marginal region of the satellite's footprint, but as my TP1 went up considerably (at the expense of TP2) it is strange that yours went down instead. I can't explain it but it looks as if the focus of the footprint has changed a bit?

Thanks for your mail Ferdinand. It does appear that your recent experience with signal levels is almost opposite to me.

I know Douglas who is about 55 miles south west of me is also seeing a reduction in TP1 SNR, but on the other hand his TP2 signal has always been over 1 SNR lower than TP1 ( similar to David's ) and as I understand he was not able to better the TP2 signal with a dish adjustment.

I am also seeing larger swings in both the TP1 and TP2 signal than I would normally expect.


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