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TP 1 SNR still 'low' down here and I've just had a go at realignment of my 1 m dish.
No improvement.

The level is 'stepping around' all the time, apart from being lower.
16:05 this afternoon the SNR stepped from 14.1 dB to 13.6 dB and back up to 13.8 and then up and down 13.9, 13.7, 13.4, up and down.

Does anyone know if the V channel on the same downlink frequency is fired up?

If it isn't them perhaps the neighbours fir tree has expanded but I won't know that till co-linearity comes round again.

At times my SNR is 1 dB down from its usual maximum level under clear skies.
And I haven't achived that high level for several weeks now.



I've seen the SNR vary between BS and HVS so the value you get may depend on the exact content being sent at the time. This can be seen particularly well in the Brussels data here:

The V signal was on this morning and is on at 18:26 UTC. Arne's plot is one of the more stable, so you might like to compare the longer term variation here:

or by clicking on one of the graphs above. Get rid of the tree! LOL!

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