Re: Signal Drop


Ian, Douglas and All,

I have been experiencing lower signal levels on TP 1 for 'several' weeks now in the mornings.
We've had a lot of hot humid weather down here and the LNB is getting a daily baking.
But the signal never reaches previous levels when things cool down.

I did try a quick re-alignment the other day but couldn't better the SNR.



P.S. A bit windy up there today?


In a message dated 13/06/2018 10:39:00 GMT Standard Time, iandeans142@... writes:

I have noticed a marked drop in the TP1 signal over the last 48 hours or
so. The TP2 signal appears nominal and on occasions can actually be
marginally higher than the TP1 signal.

Weather in Scotland is about to take a turn for the worse so will for a
time be difficult to monitor.


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