Re: NPP Image Data

Alan Sewards

Hi David,

    I normally only stop the program I am updating (being lazy) and leave the others running, which in this case are MSGDM/RSS, Metop Mgr and AVHRR Mgr. I also use beta versions if they exist. So this explains why normally I don't get the error messages (I've used a beta) and why I did this time, and why deleting the files worked.

Best regards - Alan S

On 08-May-18 3:54 PM, David J Taylor via Groups.Io wrote:
In case anyone wants to try an updated installer:

Will require the running program to be shut down (of course), but you shouldn't get any complaints about DLLs.  The program contents are the same as

BTW: I tried to reproduce the problem on a test PC but was unable to....

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