Re: Windosws 10, version 1803 trouble

Thorsten Miglus


I have no idea what causes the crashes.
On my second PC, mainly used for internet access, 1803 is running ok.
As all is running fine with 1709 for months I decided to stay at this version.


On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 05:41 am, David J Taylor wrote:
Thanks for the report, Thorsten.

What component causes the crashes? Is it the TelliCast software? If it's the device software, which device and what drivers/data software are you using?

I had multiple crashes with TBS data software, but none with BDADataEx (still using the TBS device driver).

I've not yet updated the main PCs here to 1803, but there have been no problems with ancillary PCs. I did read that there may be a new permission for programs to access the microphone (seems reasonable!) which may affect some radio programs.

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