Re: NPP Image Data

Douglas Deans

On 02/05/2018 16:35, Thorsten Miglus wrote:
Hi Ian,
The files are still in the same format but not bzip2 compressed.
I compressed one of the files with bzip2 and it was readable by EUMETCastView.


Thorsten there is a little bit more than that to it in that Eumetsat have now changed over to the CVIIRS 2 tool for NPP as they have already done for the recent NOAA 20 VIIRS M and DNB data. Perhaps Hugo has already incorporated that tool as it was needed for the NOAA 20 data or perhaps he uses his own. I am not a software man !

Please see :=

I know he has prepared a program for the new NPP format so perhaps it will be released soon after testing.
Thanks for the heads up.


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