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Alan Sewards

Hi David,

��� Thank you for your comments and suggestions. The signal from TP1 (BS) has an SNR of around 14 dB under good conditions and 10.0 to 10.6 when the interfering transponder is on. The installer spent a lot of time installing and aligning the dish so I am fairly sure that it is well aligned but the skew is probably not quite right. Unfortunately I am not allowed up ladders any more (I'm 86) so tweaking it is not possible unless I call back the installer. I have no confidence that I will be able to get an adequate signal for HVS reception in the presence of the interfering transponder signal so have ruled that out. I'm going to try and get the GOES E imagery I want via the Internet, and thank you to you and Simon for the suggested sites.

Best regards - Alan

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Hello John,

I echo your surprise that Eumetsat are not proposing to provide
some GOES E imagery from the new satellite when it is commissioned. I
have made a request through OPS and have been officially informed that
there will be nothing on the BS to replace the existing GOES E imagery.
Given that our weather arrives across the Atlantic and the limited field
of view to the West of the Meteosat satellites, this will be a serious
limitation for those who cannot get the full GOES EW data via HVS (in my
case I have a 130 cm dish which is not enough to get steady HVS
reception, and cannot go any larger.) I would settle for 15 minute
imagery of IR with a reduced resolution image if bandwidth could be
found on the BS.

Best regards - Alan S


Two lines of thought:

- With a 130 cm dish, located in the south of France as I believe you are,
you are almost in the centre of the beam and should easily be getting a
signal which is strong enough. You should not need a larger dish - indeed,
a smaller 80-100 cm dish might be adequate. So I guess there's some local
issue which you can't easily resolve?

- What about alternative sources? There are (or were) FTP sites in the USA
(format supported by GeoSatSignal) and the Dundee Satellite Receiving
Station offers data in various formats free of charge. Scheduling wget or
using Francis Breame's software can automate such retrievals.

Alan Sewards
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