Re: T2 GOES 16.

Alan Sewards

Hello John,

    I echo your surprise that Eumetsat are not proposing to provide
some GOES E imagery from the new satellite when it is commissioned. I
have made a request  through OPS and have been officially informed that
there will be nothing on the BS to replace the existing GOES E imagery.
Given that our weather arrives across the Atlantic and the limited field
of view to the West of the Meteosat satellites, this will be a serious
limitation for those who cannot get the full GOES EW data via HVS (in my
case I have a 130 cm dish which is not enough to get steady HVS
reception, and cannot go any larger.) I would settle for 15 minute
imagery of IR with a reduced resolution image if bandwidth could be
found on the BS.

    Best regards - Alan S

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I hope that all are aware that Goes East delivery on the Basic Service
will stop mid-December and >that the only way to assure continued Goes
coverage is upgrading to receive the second >transponder carrying Goes-16

Three weeks left!
Hello Ferdinand,

Yes, and I'm not happy.

Having recently had my SR1 updated from BS to include HVS-1 (not yet
operational) - yes, I know I'm lagging behind - considerably.
And in the last few days got my crashed EUMETCast PC 're-configured' back
running David's software - with his patient help, I now find I'm going to
need a new receiver to monitor Atlantic hurricanes next year.

Not very happy, and am surprised EUMETSAT appear, at the moment, not
to be
going to offer GOES-E subset's on BS or even HVS-1.


Best wishes,

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