Re: How to disable automatic updates in Windows 10?

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probably this has been discussed here before, but my search did not help me.
It was the fifth or so time now that my Windows 10 Pro receiving PC had updated
itself and rebooted, waitin for me to enter my password. OK, I know how to
deactivate the password barrier at boot time, but I would really also like to define
the actual update event myself. How do you folks solve that?

If there was a discussion about this here before, pls direct me just to the subject,
then I can read it myself.




Getting the PC to automatically enter your password (and having all the tasks you need scheduled to restart automatically) is perhaps the simplest way, and the one which offers maximum security.

It really depends what you are trying to achieve. I see there are already two suggestions for delaying the reboot. You can reschedule the reboot for ~20 days ahead by:

However, you may also be able to stop, or at least substantially delay, the updates from being applied by moving onto the Business branch. There's some information here:

"Windows 10 Long Term Servicing Branch" sound useful, but needs the Enterprise edition of Windows. You may need to reverse the change when you want to check for updates. Setting a connection to "metered" may prevent updates (not sure about security ones, though).

As ever, consider the implications of delaying any security updates very carefully.

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