Re: Antenna mesurement using the sun

Ernst Lobsiger

Dear All

Solar outage is here (and I almost missed it). I expect
maximum effects at my station the day after tomorrow.
Here is a first measurement and a quick and dirty gif
plot I did today with gnuplot. Time resolution is 3s.

It appears that only my TBS-6903 Es/No (SNR) is useful.
Data seem useless when lock is lost. I'll probably look for
another transponder where I get better link margin than on T1.


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As most of us have dBm power and dB Es/No reading
now, it should be rather easy to setup a script
to measure and store these values in simple ASCII
with a time resolution of about 1 to 2 seconds.
For further processing EXCEL or GNUPlot could be
used. MRTG or RRDtool might be usefull as well.

I will try that for fun this year. Who else?



Hi Ernst,

nice idea. I am still prepared for collecting the data.
I will publish some graphs on my web page afterwards.

From the past:
Peek noise from the sun was always one minute early compared to the calculation.
This corresponds to an error of about 0.25 degrees.


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