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James Brown

On 19 Jul 2017, at 16:48, 'David J Taylor' [MSG-1] <> wrote:

Hello folks,

Just thinking ahead, if I decide to go the T2 route I would need a
second receiver and am debating USB vs PCI express. Big advantage for me
currently with just USB.

Would something like the TBS5925 or it's new companion the 5927 with
it's USB2 interface cover foreseeable data rates I wonder on T2?

I know David was waiting for proper data on T2 to test was it the
TBS6903? to see if T1 BAS +HVS +T2HVS was possible. Not sure David if
with the GOES16 test data you have been able to try that?

Many thanks to all who have in preceding messages given pointers to
current working systems.



Let's put it this way: the data rates on HVS-1 and HVS-2 are the same, so if
it works with HVS-1 it should also work with HVS-2. In theory, one USB 2.0
high-speed should be able to handle twice the data rate of one TBS5925/27,
but I don't know anyone who has tested that. There could be motherboard
issues with two fast USB streams competing for the same access, particularly
if the lower buffer count for HVS-2 is required. The PCIe route would
provide you with two extra receivers, leaving you present box as an
emergency spare. I think it may also be a lower-cost option than the single
receiver TBS5927.

During the test period we were seeing some 250 GB/day on HVS-2. I'm running
HVS-1 and HVS-2 on a two-tuner, single cable TBS6903, but I've not tested BS
on that arrangement as that's known to work. Arne now has a dual tuner
TBS6983 (older card) with HVS-1 & BS on one tuner, and HVS-2 on the other.
His MRTG data is here:

Doubtless more reports as tests proceed.

Very grateful to you and Ernst for your comments, much appreciated.
Has there been a write up as to how to implement the single cable setup?

If it's on your pages David, please ignore the request as I shall do a search presently.


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