Re: Variations in the Eumetcast signal


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About your dish, so the tree is blocking interference from 13E and 16E
probably. That is good !
I am still not certain about which neighbouring satellite is causing
interference and our low SNR.

Hello Arne,

Yes, that's correct.
My dish is now up against my kitchen window owing to the expanding fir
Time to get back inside it with some rope!

Could your momentary SNR peak be caused by someone standing next to the
dish, actively blocking >another interfering source ?

No, I was the only one at home and just happened to be writing email's on
my other computer and noticed the SR1's readout dial jumping around - well
It was just brief increases lasting only a few seconds each time.

Yes, it was far too hot - well, humid, here yesterday to sit in the sun,
even with a cold lager.

Just watching the thunder storms building over Brest and the western
English Channel heading our way.
Better get my plastic lemonade bottle rain shield back on the LNB - very
gently as I'm getting a good signal at the moment.

Just a thought, do you think the unusual design of your dish increases its

Best wishes,

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