Re: Missing segments - August 25 and 26

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Subject: [MSG-1] Missing segments - August 25 and 26

Is it just me, or did everyone miss some complete HRIT scans on
those two days:

Aug 25
Scan: 1500 2100

Aug 26
Scan: 0300 0900 1500

Seems to be something awfully systematic in those numbers! By the
way you can get a report by selecting Tools, Missing segments report
with the MSG Data Manager.


Sorry can't help with Aug 25, or 03.00 Aug 26th.
09.00 agreed and 15.00 (and others around that time) also agreed and
referred to in the 'News' message albeit somebody dated it 16/08/03 instead
of 26/08/03 !

Hope that helps a little.


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