Re: HVS-2 query

Douglas Deans

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Sent: 27/06/2017 19:10:13
Subject: [MSG-1] HVS-2 query

In view of the July 3 change to the second transponder (full
availability) I
tried to test the reception already now. I used the SR1 configuration
from folder
264, followed by network address changes via Telnet, necessary to cope
my network configuration.
On configuration set 1 I have transponder 1, resulting in correct
of both BAS and HVS-1. So the SR1 is properly configured.
Configuration set 2 contains the second transponder as per
file. The only change I made in this context is MODCOD => 8000 for the
8PSK5/6 which should be valid until the third of July.
This HVS-2 stream seems not to come in as the SR1 controller shows the
No Lock. I do have written confirmation of Ops that the HVS-2 stream
been enabled for my account; so I'm at a loss,
Am I overlooking something here? Any suggestions?


Ferdinand because the new full configuration for T2 is on the same
transponder as the existing partial availability the new
set up will not be available until the change is made by Eumetsat
between 09.00 and 11.00 on Monday morning 3rd July.
It is not possible to run both configurations and in addition they don't
have the full Transponder yet.
Test data is still coming in on the existing T2 arrangement (different
frequency, symbol-rate and MODCOD) until 3rd July


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