Re: GOMS2 decoding

Simon Proud <simon.proud@...>

The bz2 data is from Himawari, not Electro-L N2, although data from both
satellites will appear in the same folder. The Electro-L data has standard
HRIT format, so will have EPI, PRO and -C_ files.


PS: You can decompress the Himawari data using software like WinRAR...bz2
is a type of zip file, compressed to save space.

On 27 June 2017 at 15:25, [MSG-1] <> wrote:

Hello ,
Eumetsat has kindly amended my subscription by GOMS2 data.For this data I
added to my recv channels
"receivedGOMS2" and there is now a lot of DK01B4 data in it . It being BZ2
data I am unable to open it.
I use the latest MSG data Manager and the latest Geosat Signal .
Surprisingly no Gom images at all appear
in the respective windows of the msg data manager. May I please have your
advice for solving this problem ?
Thanks in advance,

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