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Christian Peters

Hi Ernst and hi CrazyCat,

yes....really great news for windows users with this TBS cards! :-)
Really no Dual Tuner, no second wire...excellent!?

I hope the RF Input Switch Matrix functionality could possibly made
available for Linux users too?

So windows user are on top for now with this new release of CrazyCats

Thank you very much!



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Hi CrazyCat
And hi to All

Without reactions to this post below I am not sure everybody got the
message. Here is what CrazyCat tells us:

To receive BAS + HVS-1 + HVS-2 it's not even necessary to have an RF
splitter or a Twin or even Quad LNB.
You can do it with ONE cable that you fit to input 0 of a TBS-6983,
TBS-6903 or TBS-6908. And *YES* this is under Windows. If this turns
out to work reliably we will probably see more of this kind of setup.
It's tidy and cheap. So who of you professional or amateur Windows
users is the first to confirm it really does the job?


P.S. And thanks again CrazyCat, I will contact you re my GNU/Linux box !

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Hello David,

This updated SignalEx util +my mrtg config sample for monitoring two
instances of BDADataEx.
SignalEx accept optional param as instance number.

And now updated BDADataEx with multi-instance support.
Installer -

Portable install files:

Updated only exe since 2014.

Installer setup one instance of TAP-DVB, Run addtap.bat in tap subdir
as admin for installation additional TAP-DVB instance.
Next - BDADataEx.exe accept one cmd line param as instance number.
So 0 or without params - is default instance, which store settings
HKEY_CURRENT_USER&#92;Software&#92;MEGASOFT&#92;DVBDataEx or DVBDataEx.ini (if
present in program dir), provide signal statistic in DVBDataEx/Tuner
memory-mapped file
Next 1 - use second instance TAP-DVB, store settings
HKEY_CURRENT_USER&#92;Software&#92;MEGASOFT&#92;DVBDataEx1 or DVBDataEx1.ini,
provide signal statistic in DVBDataEx1/Tuner memory-mapped file
2,3,4,5,... - same story :)

My BDADataEx configs for 11263H and 11278H reception + simple SR-test
tool which reconfigure 6983, 6903, 6905/8 to one RF-input (see
RFSource param in streamreader.ini)

So i connect cable to first input 6983 and run.cmd:

02.02.2017, 16:22, "'David J Taylor' gm8arv@... mailto:gm8arv@...
[MSG-1]" <msg-1@... mailto:msg-1@...>:
As you'll appreciate, it's not my software, but just to help you for the
moment I've put what I downloaded (and am using) here:

It should be compatible with BDADataEx, it's working with V1.1.2.1240.

Perhaps CrazyCat can update us with the current location?

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