'virtual SR-2' ?

Christian Peters

Hi group members,

as Ernst modified the dvb-eumetcast script (thank you very much for that-I run this new script now and it works great-even prepares for a second Tuner) I noticed that Ernst mentioned the script is also able to turn a Linux box into a virtual 'SR-1' or maybe even into a 'virtual SR-2' because it can beam all multicast to an IP network!?

It sounds interesting to setup a Linux box with a dual tuner card, receive BAS, HVS-1 and HVS-2 and stream the data into a network. Then you can attach receivers and pick those services you want by as many computers you want to?! If it would be then even possible to run 3 TC instances on the same computer, stream the data in parallel to the local TC instances AND the outgoing NIC in parallel and buffer the data for around a few days on a local HD it would be a backup if your per network attached receivers fail for some reason.

Maybe all that is possible with a small Linux box, dual receiver and maybe dual NIC!?

Just an idea and maybe it will initiate to think about a Linux receiver...?!



BTW.: TBS 5925 USB runs flawless on Linux (BAS+HVS-1)...! ;-)

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