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I was just wondering, since the direct downlink of the data from MSG-
1 will not be possible, what would prevent Eumetsat from positioning
MSG-1 close by 0 degrees, let's say 0.5E, and run the operational
service from that position?

Doing that would enable a longer transition from the analog MET7
broadcasts, which are received by a very large number of stations,
keeping MET7 at 0 degrees, while MET8 would already be operational
with almost the same coverage.

Of course I am only talking about technical matters, not taking into
consideration agreements for orbital slots and things like this.

Does anyone know how the transition from analog WEFAX to the new
format is handled? I would not be surprised to see quite a few
protests when MET7 will start to drift towards 10W...

Bye, Luca
Hello Luca

Meteosat 7 is not going to be moved. It will remain at 0� until at least
the end of 2005. MSG-1 will be moved to approx 3-4�W, subject to final
Eumetsat Council approval. This is possible because there will be no
direct dissemination from MSG-1. and hence no co-interference.
At that new position images corrected to 0� (as they are now) will show less
interpolation than at present. Seems a good compromise.


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