Re: New tellicast client 2.14

Christian Peters


I think some users have set up their own directory structure on one or
more disks to distribute and process the data.
It's very individual.
As there are only two little changes to make (e.g. the RSS and IODC dir)
I think that's no problem to tweak this in your channels file. You have
to tweak it anyway as I think you will only set up, enable and select
what you want to receive!
As it took always some time before the next version of TC was released
and the changes should be not to extensive I wouldn't agree
to change the MSG data structure.
I think it should be no problem to manage E1B-GEO-1 and
E1B-GEO-2 to IODC or manage Channel5 and Channel 6 data to RSS dir?
Seems even to be more consistent to collect it in on dir?!

And I think there are many stations running with this
structure...changing would make some trouble..

For now I will try to stay on my structure, there are only a few files
(the config files, temp dirs or log files) which I have to manage.



Am 23.01.17 um 16:23 schrieb 'David J Taylor' gm8arv@... [MSG-1]:

I just installed the new client 2.14 on one of the machines and decided to
follow the suggested file structure instead of the one I had developed for
myself. In spite of the serious amount of work this implies for all the
operational machines, it may be beneficial for future changes.
I did find however that allowing the received-channels-ini file to be
with an entry for each separate data stream, is not fully compatible with
the way the Data Manager works. As an example: one has E1B-GEO-1 and
E1B-GEO-2 in different directories. The Data Manager for IODC needs to
to E1B-GEO-1 in order to process the HRIT channels. The MPEF, which are in
E1B-GEO-2, are then ignored and not processed.

What would be the appropriate way forward:
- Have the channels file make data delivery to a single directory (so
both going to e.g. IODC instead) and do that for each conflict
- Have Data Manager recognise the list of channels as defined by

I would be partisan to the second option but that may complicate
things from
the software development point of view. What are others thinking?

Ferdinand Valk


For working with the MSG Data Manager, please see the guidelines here:

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