Re: annoying Win 10 auto update and reboot

Christian Peters

...I now disabled at system scheduler->UpdateOrchestrator the Reboot
I hope win10 will update and download updates but I have to reboot
manually now from time to time if it fits...! ;-)

Let's see whether it works...



Am 20.01.17 um 11:25 schrieb Christian Peters hctpeters@... [MSG-1]:


interesting article...tanks for the link! Would be really an alternative.
Sadly no WIFI on the processor...but I will think about a WIFI dongle
for Internet access.

Will check the tool OOSU10.EXE Harmut proposed.

Yes...I use your program TrimTree on the processor. :-)

My receiver fills up quite fast if the processor doesn't grab the data
from it (I don't have access to the setup every day).
Fortunately the HVS data is grabbed by another linux processor so
filling up the disk on the receiver doesn't happen too quick last
evening. ;-)
But I run a cronjob to do an 'emergency erase' of the raw data on the
linux receiver if the data disk runs out of space should both processors
or the Ethernet connection fail!



Am 20.01.17 um 11:04 schrieb 'David J Taylor' gm8arv@... [MSG-1]:

Hi members,

it’s really disappointing running Win10 on my processo !:-( As I run
MetopM, GeoSatsignal and AVHRR Manager which copy most of the data
from my
receiver I got reboots all the time after an auto install of Win
It closes all running programs, installs the updates and reboots.
If I don’t have a look on it all the time my disks of the receiver
fills up
very quick.
Is there any way to prevent Win10 to do an auto restart.
Reading latest information it’s not possible any more!!!!???

So did you switch off automatic updates!? What do you do!?

Sorry…but that’s really disappointing and demanding Microsoft! :-(

I'm so happy my receiver OS is Linux....doing updates manually from
time to
time and no interruption of receiving the raw data! :-D



Setting your connection to metered should disable downloads of updates
have other consequences). Easy to do with a Wi-Fi connection, but
takes a
little more effort with Ethernet. Should be in the next major updated
(Creator Edition, April) I read.

Why do your disk fill up? You could run TrimTree to remove stale data

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