annoying Win 10 auto update and reboot

Christian Peters

Hi members,

it’s really disappointing running Win10 on my processo !:-( As I run MDM, MetopM, GeoSatsignal and AVHRR Manager which copy most of the data from my receiver I got reboots all the time after an auto install of Win updates.
It closes all running programs, installs the updates and reboots.
If I don’t have a look on it all the time my disks of the receiver fills up very quick.
Is there any way to prevent Win10 to do an auto restart.
Reading latest information it’s not possible any more!!!!???

So did you switch off automatic updates!? What do you do!?

Sorry…but that’s really disappointing and demanding Microsoft! :-(

I'm so happy my receiver OS is Linux....doing updates manually from time to time and no interruption of receiving the raw data! :-D



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