Re: EUMETCast Europe Expansion to 2nd Transponder

Christian Peters

Hi group members,

Interesting news. So a second machine is manadtory?

As I receive BS and HVS-1 with a TBS 5925 on a Linux box I’m not sure
whether I could expand the system to receive a second transponder (maybe
Ernst or Hugo could say something to that question or any linux user
here in the forum?)
Do I have to add a second TB 5925 or a TBS Dual Tuner card!? Will the
Linux driver/system support receiving two independent transponders?
Or do I really have to add a second computer (with receiver card/box+
additional EKU) to receive the additional HVS-2 service?
As Eumetsat wrote they only additionally recommend 16GB RAM (which is
already installed here).

Would be a challenge to try this already on one machine…but maybe it’s
not possible (on Linux?…maybe on windows or neither nor?).

But I think it would be nice to have some more information and ideas and
to figure out what hardware is able to to receive BS,HVS-1 and HVS-2 on
one machine or what two system setups will be able to do.



Am 19.01.17 um 13:01 schrieb 'David J Taylor' gm8arv@... [MSG-1]:

From EUMETSAT's Twitter feed:

The capacity limits of the current transponder are 27 Mbps Basic Service
and 34 Mbps High Volume Service; adding the second transponder will allow
further expansion of data dissemination. The second transponder is
running in test mode.

This page provides details to help users prepare reception systems and
get access to data on the second transponder, in readiness for when
operational dissemination starts.

Better start saving for that second receiver, and second PC or network
if you want GOES-R data!

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