Re: TC 2.14.1-3 released!?

Christian Peters


ok, 2.14. it's almost 'beta' and not official released!?
Yes....seems quite easy in windows too. The installer does some more things but it seems that's not necessary even in windows
-except for a fresh new install it would be the way. I was happy as I did the first install of a TC client (on Windows) and the installer did all
for's really better for a start into the EumetCast journey.

Hm....Sentinel-2B and GOES-16 are on track. Let's see which data will be distributed by EumetCast.
But I think a second transponder means new receiving hardware if I will manage that on one PC?

Nice Slides from Nick Coyne, so launching Sentinel-3B in autumn would more than double the data rate?
If there will be data from GOES-16 on the HVS channel too....! Phew..., let's see! ;-)




I was dead easy on Windows - copy two files! But the Windows folk will have
a full installer which will do everything for them, and that's the
recommended route. (I say "will" because I gather that it is not yet
officially released.)

New hardware: Sentinel-2B is approaching launch, and Sentinel-3B must be in
progress. It's always been the intention with these satellites to have them
operate in pairs to reduce the repeat cycle, as I understand it. GOES-16
will provide much more data for the Americas - how much of that will
EUMETCast carry. See Nick Coyne's slides from his GEO Symposium talk.


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