Re: TC 2.14.1-3 released!?

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Hi all,

I just noticed that there is a Tellicast V 2.14. available/sent at the Info Channel 1!?
Did anyone just updated to the new version. Any problems on Linux (@ Ernst/Simon/Rob)?
What's the idea for the new additional second possible hvs instance (hvs-2)?

Phew...did some modification from the standard dirs (logs/data/config files naming)while testing phase so updatingto 2.14. will be some work to get up all and running again! Maybe some work for a day off...! ;-).



Sent yesterday but not yet appeared.....


A number of us have been using the 2.14.2 client for some time, and it's
actually very similar to the 2.12.1 used for the HVS reception. I asked
EUMETSAT about upgrading, compared to just replacing the .EXE and
licence.ini files, and they replied:

Of course the procedure described below works, as the client is just a
simple executable with configuration files. However I would recommend to go
through a fresh installation

mainly for the following reasons:
- multiple services and shortcuts are quickly installed
- multiple sessions are also installed as services (can then run without
need for login)
- firewall changes are automatically done
- future upgrades will be easier (username and password will be known to the
installer, kept in registry)

But also for these:
- standard locations for the data/logs/tmp/ installation directories are
- standard port numbers for shell interfaces will be used
- existing channel configuration files can be maintained, or overwritten
(with backups made)

In short, it may make more effort now, but will make future upgrades easier.
When new services are added (more transponders, terrestrial) an upgrade
installation will be much easier than maintaining it manually.

So it will help EUMETSAT in trouble-shooting if everyone has a standard
installation, which is a good idea.

However, like you, I have installations which are somewhat customised, so I
have continued with a simple replacement of the two files I mentioned and
one update to the client configuration, and all appears well.

Looking to the future, when Sentinel 3B is launched that's the bandwidth of
the current DVB-S2 transponder fully used up, and there is data to come
beyond that (not to mention GOES-16), so it's likely that a second
transponder will need to be used. Exciting times ahead!

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