Re: TC 2.14.1-3 released!?

Thorsten Miglus

Hi all,

I just noticed that there is a Tellicast V 2.14. available/sent at the Info Channel 1!?
Did anyone just updated to the new version. Any problems on Linux (@ Ernst/Simon/Rob)?
What's the idea for the new additional second possible hvs instance (hvs-2)?

Phew...did some modification from the standard dirs (logs/data/config files naming)while testing phase so updatingto 2.14. will be some work to get up all and running again! Maybe some work for a day off...! ;-).



Hi Christian,

thanks for the hint that a new Tellicast version is available.
I did the upgrade from V 2.12 on Windows 10 without problems.
Some editing of the .ini files for Basic Service and HVS was required to address my needs.
But it was an easy task to take over the data from V 2.12 .ini files. Less than 30 minutes of work.
All is running fine with V 2.14 now. Nice to have the throughput graph again.

HVS-2 will be used when a second transponder is available in the future.
If one PC can handle two transponders with two receivers and three instances of Tellicast running at the same time? This will be an exciting project ...


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