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Christian Peters


two little things I mentioned:

- I combined two segments EFR S3A from 17-12-2016 and did a projection.
I got an artifact inside the picture (see link)?

- If I save my picture and .png is preselected filling in a filname like
'test' ended up with a .jpg picture?
If I choose 'test.png' then the png is stored.



Am 15.12.16 um 13:31 schrieb hvanruys@... [MSG-1]:


A new version of EUMETCastView is released. You can again just copy
the exe file, but you also have to copy the new FreeImage.dll to this
directory. In case you do not have vcomp120.dll it is also included in
the ZIP file.

The scale_factor and add_offset are now used to calculate the
radiances. Also a bug in the GVP projection for negative latitudes was
Histogram matching is added for OLCI images.
None 95% Linear mapping of 95% of the pixels to 0 - 255. The lower
2.5% of the pixel values are set to 0 and the higher 2.5% of the pixel
values are set to 255. None 100% Linear mapping of 100% of the pixels
to 0 - 255 Equalize
Histogram equalization of the complete or projected image. The LUT is
calculated over the complete input image.
Equalize Projection (only for projections)
Histogram equalization of the projected image. The LUT is calculated
only over the pixels of the projected image.
There is also a radiobutton where you can combine the histogram
matching with normalized values. These values are calculated by
dividing the radiances by the cosine of the Sun Zenith Angle.
For OLCI images you can now save the image as a 48bit RGB PNG file.

A "Whats This ?" button was added to the Toolbar. It provides a simple
description of any widget, i.e. answering the question "What's This?".
Pushing this button and hovering over any widget in the Toolbox
changes the cursor in a question mark, and by clicking gives a short
explanation of the widget.
For the moment only a few of the new widgets are provided with help texts.

Kind regards,


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