Re: Sentinel 3A automated processing

Christian Peters

Ernst,'s somehow difficult to deal with Eluna file permissions.
I ran as root and the .rrd file was created (with wrong file
permissons (root root)) and I changed back to www-data www-date but
anyway the error appears and no additional graphic comes up on the page.
So the .rrd seems not created on the right way-only copying seems to work.
I'll invest some more time at the problem later on.

Gimli is running well (knock on wood....the problem usually took 3-4
days till/if it raises up).
I couldn't figure out what the problem is/was. I changed some things but
can't really figure out what (maybe) cures the problem.
I changed back to 1TB WD RED NAS 2.5', I changed to Ramfs, changed to
'noop' scheduler and set 'swapiness' from 60 to 10.

I run two xrit2pic_2015_5b processes on gimli every 30 min. I render 4
fulldisk images and 4 Europe images from Met10 (the spikes at Gimli CPU
I saw there is a special cmdline version already available (
xrit2pic_cmd)!? Is there any difference to the plain version using
-nogui switch?
Maybe I could expand xrit2pic processing on the new additional Linux
processor (movies). But I think there is not too much CPU power left...

Lots of additional processing scripts are running by batch scripts on
the win PC (MSG Animator/Geosatsignal) to feed my private website.



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Yes, file permissions in /rrd are somewhat disturbing when you untar
the eLuna download.
But is should always be possible to create rrds as root and chown and
chmod them later ...

I noticed your receiver Gimli is running smooth again. Was it your SSD
or your non standard RAM-Disk?
Lots of changes in xrit2pic 2016.There is a recent (Beta) of
xrit2pic_cmd. What versions do you run where?


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thanks for providing the file. I did it in the same way but always got a
'Creation of RRD 'space_recv' has failed'. Can't figure out the cause,
changed file permissions etc.
Now I copied my 08_space 1:1 to 09_space and only changed the
to /data dir and didn't erase the .rrd file. Now its' working.
Not very satisfying...but it's working.



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