Aluminium versus steel

Ernst Lobsiger

Dear All

I had to take down my Triax TD88 antenna and cut a big nearby tree to get
room for pumping in the concrete for the ground plate of my new garden house.

The easy and rather cheap solution would be to replace the TD88 by a TD110. But
I am also interested in a Gibertini 120cm. This model seems to be available with
dish in aluminium or in steel. From my microwave knowledge I would suggest that
aluminium gives a better reflector (because of higher conductivity) than steel
but the coating may have an effect too. From the point of stability steel seems
to be the preference. I can imagine a strong gust might bend an alu dish in a
way that the original shape is lost while steel would still swing back to normal.
Both dishes have a sort of backbone construction made of steel. Mounting
aluminium onto steel with rivets or screws might be rather prone to corrosion.
Gibertini and its resellers give identical performance figures for alu and steel.

Any pointers to investigations alu versus steel?
Any personal experieces made or suggestions?

Thanks a lot

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