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Apropos of this, Eumetsat don't seem to be making any (or much) use of the
Messages capability in the MSG dissemination. What messages there are are
usually out of date, the standard one in the Admin Messages could as well be
in the Timetable section, and there is rarely if ever any News. I get the
impression either that it is difficult to insert these messages, or that the
mode of operation does not include sending out information via them. Be nice
if someone thought about this!

Best regards - Alan

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The first 21.00 (GOES 9) are the same as the 18.00 using the new
file naming convention.

I wouldn't waste programming time, David, until you get a
definitive answer on this from Eumetsat.

Well, I couldn't let my users down, could I?

However, changing the program to recongnise those file names has
revealed that the images are incorrect. They appear offset to the
west, and the left and right parts of the image appear different. I
don't believe this is due to the program. I also notice a higher
rate of missing segments (on the MSG-1 HRIT/LRIT data) that I would
expect due to weather effects, so I would not put this one down to
my program.

I'll put the beta up on the Web site so you can see what I mean.

Is anyone else seeing a higher-than-expected missing segment rate?
(You can check today's data with the Tools, Missing segments
report... if you change the date).


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