Re: Old and new Tellicast Client

Ernst Lobsiger


Is your receiver visible on the net (I forgot the URL and cleared the Windows history) ?

What is your SNR? Old story: If SNR goes below 9-10 dB (should be 9 but was 10 for my TBS-6925 that uses the same EARDA NIM as your TBS-5925) then the demodulator gets problems decoding 16APSK HVS frames and this also affects BS reception. Possible cure under GNU/Linux: My driver lets you select 8PSK (BS only) if weather is bad. That way the TBS Box -- instead of sending garbage -- does not even try to care about HVS :-).


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it's a never ending story...! :-/
I got the new machine but it is not running. After doing some test I
think one Dimm is broken.
I set it up now with my 16GB module I already had, installed all the
stuff again.....but now I got lots of Missed Packet before FEC and FEC
Recovered Packets messages in HVS but even in BS.
All was very nice with the old machine (which sadly hung after some time).
Did I maybe missed something while setting up? All missed packets were
corrected so I think maybe something I forgot set up? Strange, see my
eluna page.

Maybe you have a hint what could be wrong if all missed packets were no lost...!? It's tmps dirs are on the shm so I didn't
understand where the problems occurred? maybe I should try to switch
back to disk for tmp dirs?

Or the new machine performs much worse...!? :-(



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