Re: Old and new Tellicast Client

Christian Peters


no success: memtest86: no errors, DIMMs reseated, switched to a new root
disk too. First time it looks good, but stalled again.
But the new machine is arriving soon...! :-)



Am 07.03.16 um 08:47 schrieb ernst.lobsiger@... [MSG-1]:

Hello Rob

That sounds interesting. If you could add that to -nogui mode or even
to xrit2pic_cmd? One of my problems has always been high HD load (lots
of IO-Waits) when avi generation for one full day started and
xrit2pic_cmd was gathering lots of file info (or data?). Without my
RAM-Disk this causes lost packets for the Tellicast clients. If the
frames could be generated in a continuous way this would probably help
a lot.


@Christian: Before throwing away your receiver board reseat the DIMs
and make a long Memtest86 !

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For your info: I have just uploaded a new version of xrit2pic.
This can generate movies in a continuous way, with limited length, if
desired. After the max. length is reached adding a new frame at the end
will result in removing one at the beginning, keeping the length fixed.
It is also possible to control mplayer, so it will restart after the
movie is updated.
This runs now here for several days, showing me an RSS movie of the last
24 hours, at any time.
Updating an existing avi file the same way using non-gui is not possible
yet, but I can add that.


ernst.lobsiger@... mailto:ernst.lobsiger@... [MSG-1] wrote:

In my script I use -ol coa (Overlay Coastline) and have the
Coastline file in the same directory as xrit2pic_cmd.
This does eventually also ask for overlay_type=V (Vector and not
Bitmap) as set in my version of xrit2pic.ini..
And my script runs as root. If not you must of course have write
permission for your destination directories ...


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