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Christian Peters


thanks for providing your script. I will try to switch to Ramdisk and
your script at the end of the week.



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My Web site used to live at:
DVB-S and DDS, gallery, older stuff
My experiments in the transition phase
A page I made on request of a user of this list

Not sure you will find anything. I got a backup here on my Server at
least ...

My BS+HVS solution works now fine on all three receivers, You should
see them under:

Receiver Kallisto

Receiver Ganymed

Receiver Io

I wonder if FEENIX could not get at least HVS channels 04-06 with a
1GB RAM-Disk and a similar script I use.
Maybe with a 2GB RAM-Disk and a script sceduled every Minute FEENIX
could even get channel 01 (only).

You shold test the size of all tmp files that FEENIX piles up. If this
goes far above 4GB he suffers tmp storms.

See here for such tmp storms or jams on Christians GNU/Linux rceiver:

I let now run Ganymed and Kallisto for a while and experiment on Io only.

@Christian (and others on GNU/Linux) you should find my script named
"mvmsg" in the root of receiver Io.


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What was the URL of your old Web site? It's worth checking one of the
Internet history engines....

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