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I had Es/No=11.4dB yesterday and I got almost all HVS files except for sun colinearity.

All my experiments say: The power of the processor is not so important, it's the HD !

It should be easy to have a look at the total size taken by tmp files of the client on Feenix.
If this number of Bytes goes far over 4GB Feenix has a HD problem, that's your chance.

wget my simple script here:

The script documents what it does. To translate it to a cmd script should not be too difficult.
A 2GB RAM-Disk should be enough for channel 01 (only) if Feenix does not begin to swap
and the script is run once per Minute. With a 1.5GB RAM-Disk you could get channel 03 (only),
With 1GB RAM-Disk you have a chance for channels 04-06 (adapd the channel file accordingly).


P.S. With a single core processor start one client only (HVS only, as you do...)

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Yes, you are quite correct, your pages haven't been archived (on at least
one Wayback archive) because of your robots.txt stopping access. What a
pity! But as you have server copies, presumably putting those pages up on
another site wouldn't be difficult?

I could create a 2 GB RAMdisk on PC Feenix (although it's single core and so
under-powered that it's not really worth it. What would your script do?
I've not been following all the Linux trials and tribulation in detail.
Perhaps you might write it up for the GEO Quarterly so that it can be more
generally known?

I would like to get PC Kiruna receiving data for at least some of the time,
although with a 12 dB Es/No at best anything can disrupt the signal so that
the link margin is too small.

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