Re: Howto monitor/graph Tellicast/receiver device in Linux?

Christian Peters

Ernst,'s really a nice and good looking tool you found with eLuna!
Maybe the new Eumetcast Linux monitoring standard...!? ;-)

Yes...maybe I really first stay on the driver and I even thought about
what happened if I do a apt-get update/upgrade!? As Ubuntu sometimes
changes the kernel and the modules are build for the current then I
really have to recompile the TBS driver every time...?! :-O

It goes against the grain for me not to update from time to time...but I
think I should stay some time...!

Would be great if your mod while merge into the driver. It's just
raining dog and cats here and S/NR goes down...! :-O So switching
MODCODS would be maybe sometimes really useful.

But first I will try to increase S/NR by readjusting and installing
another LNB....!



Am 22.02.16 um 21:19 schrieb ernst.lobsiger@... [MSG-1]:


That's really nice to see eLuna + RRDtool work on another GNU/Linux
Eumetcast receiver system!

Interesting...maybe you can contact with TBS to add this into their
linux drivers ! So testing you modified stv-driver means recompiling the
driver and install over the present one!? Phew.....not sure whether I
didn't break my running system then....!? :-D

Yes my driver means recompiling. But if you still have the TBS-tree
you just backup and replace the stv090x.c source. Make will just
recompile and link my new stv090x.c source, You could even copy a
single module then. ...

Be aware that if you update/upgrade your GNU/Linux system you might
get a new kernel and the full new module tree of your distribution.
This will mean recompiling and re-installing all the TBS-Drivers again

So I propose you let your system run and graph for a while ... I'll
contact TBS again regarding MODCODS.


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