Re: Howto monitor/graph Tellicast/receiver device in Linux?

Christian Peters

Ernst, are right with the missing 0x...but it's running now and eLuna
makes nice graphs.
You can have a look at

Thank you very much! :-)

I really would like to test and add HVS receiption but not sure howto
set up the second tellicast instance. Even I think maybe I will get
problems with my ramdisk set on /run/shm as brd doesn't work on Ubuntu...

Interesting...maybe you can contact with TBS to add this into their
linux drivers ! So testing you modified stv-driver means recompiling the
driver and install over the present one!? Phew.....not sure whether I
didn't break my running system then....!? :-D



Am 21.02.16 um 17:57 schrieb ernst.lobsiger@... [MSG-1]:


My first line is:

upd=0x`femon ..`

You did not type the 0x there and had to add it later. So your
two-liner should work as well.
If you have a 1m dish you should get better S/N values and have a good
chance for HVS.

I modified a stv090x.c driver source that takes an unsigned long
integer to set MODCODs on the fly. I have two bash scripts to set and
get MODCODs pretty much like TBS-IP-Tool under WINDOWS. It worked for
my PCIe TBS-6925 card back 1 year. It should work for the TBS-5925 as
well. If you want to test it at your own risk ?


I am sure there are more elegant ways to retreive the S/N values
(David might call it a "bodge"). But my lines also work for drivers
that do not indicate the FE: line or when status is empty because you
have no lock ...

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This worked here on Ubuntu:

upd=`femon -a0 -c1 2>/dev/null | tail -n1 | cut -d'|' -f3 |cut -d' ' -f3`
upd=N:`echo $((0x${upd})) | awk '{print ( $1/10.0 ) }'`

Maybe a shell problem here?

Yes...I read something about and you mentioned before that's not easy to
switch off HVS on Linux!?
At the moment I have a 1m dish and got around EsN0=11.0-11.5dB. Should
be a little bit higher if I read your values!? Maybe I should test
another LNB (at the moment a Rocket LNB, but have an Inverto Black
already here) and should try to do some more adjustments on the dish to
get more headroom?


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