Re: Howto monitor/graph Tellicast/receiver device in Linux?

Christian Peters


all is working like a charm! Thanks for you work and the files. Very
interesting to read the code and learn.
I had to slightly change the code of hex-decimal-conversion in the SNR
update file but now it's working and looking great! :-)

Even data is coming in again...I had to wipe the dish as it was covered
by investing in the snow shield for the LNB was good, but
didn't solved the snow problem at all. Maybe I need a dish heater...!? :-D



Am 20.02.16 um 09:12 schrieb ernst.lobsiger@... [MSG-1]:


Glad to hear the RRDtool/eLuna monitoring for your GNU/Linux Eumetcast
receiver is up and running.

To add more graphs you can directly copy,, and files from my receivers.
Just access them via a browser, you should know by now where you can
find the rrd subdirectory ;-).

The web interfaces of old and new Tellicast Clients are somewhat
different. As you still use 2.4.3a you should copy the
missed/recovered files from my receiver io. Of course you will have to
adapt some pathes and the like. A word to the TCP Interfaces: If eluna
updates the traffic still via the "ifconfig" command you should have a
look at my updates that work via /proc/net/dev. The difference is that
my solution uses 64 Bit counters while via "ifconfig" you will get 32
Bits only and these will wrap from time to time messing up your
traffic graphs :-(.


For debugging files just type an "echo" command in front of the
"rrdtool update" line and execute them from the command line. Good luck.

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