Re: Howto monitor/graph Tellicast/receiver device in Linux?

Christian Peters

Hi Ernst,

I set the parameters and will reboot at Sunday! So I can use femon to
extract these values in dB-great.
I just installed eLuna, very nice. But got no data graphs/lines appear
inside the empty tables.....updating isn't errors at
all....maybe perl is not working.....but still investigating what the
problem is. :-)

Thanks for that information!



Am 19.02.16 um 12:20 schrieb ernst.lobsiger@... [MSG-1]:

Hi Christian and Andrew

To get S/N in dB and Power in dBm from the TBS-5925 you must set
module parameters esno and dbm for module stv090x (at the command line
type modinfo stv090x). The parameters are set in /etc/moprobe where
you set the issy too ... Then you have to use femon without the -H
switch and get the values from there.

@AndrewHi Ernst,

You see module parameters for TBS-6983 with modinfo tbsfe.
Unfortunately the TBS-6983 driver does not give Power values back. The
85% is a fixed fake,value. Thats why your graph has been stable for
weeks now.


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