Re: Howto monitor/graph Tellicast/receiver device in Linux?

Christian Peters


yes....I think there are really only some lonely rangers using Eumetcast
on Linux! :-O
Yes...Munin will be overkill but was easy to setup.
Maybe RRDtoll is the way to go! Your eLuna/RDDtool combination on your
website is really very nice and what I am dreaming of!
i will have a look into RDDTool. How do you get the data/informations? I
discovered femon which gives me this output:

status SCVYL | signal 60% | snr 70% | ber 0 | unc 0 | FE_HAS_LOCK

but signal strength and snr are in percent, not dB? Did you use this to
got data from the TBS device?
How did you got the missed/recovered packtes from Tellicast monitored!?
Where is that information available!? Is there a log file which contains
missed/recovered packet or did you extract this from the tellicast
website!? How did you spilt this data into 5 min sections!? Did you
reset the values on the website after 5 min? I've no idea so far...!? So
if you have some ideas or code snippets as example it would be great!?
Maybe a git login would be great to share some ideas or code if you
would like, would help a lot!

@Andrew: I have choosen 14.04 Ubuntu as I saw there was a install script
for the TBS 5925 and Ubuntu 14.04 32bit on the Eumetcast-DVD Linux
folder. At the end I did exact what was described in that script. I even
ran into the errors they described and and did was they wrote.
Only problem was the ramdkisk which wasn't created in the right way
(only 64mb size). But in the Eumetsat FAQ the situation was described
and now I use /run/shm and all works well. I didn't really understand
all at the time but some things become more clear now.
Yes, an up-to-date install howto for Linux would be really great! I'm
just worrying whether I have to switch to the new tc-client 2.12.
version but I think as long as it's not released and no howtos found on
the Eumetsat website I hope it's the right choice to stay at the 2.4.3
version which I got on the DVD?



Am 19.02.16 um 09:40 schrieb ernst.lobsiger@... [MSG-1]:


Welcome to the lonly rangers that use GNU/Linux for Eumetcast. I use
RRDtool and eLuna to monitor my receivers. For log analysis I wrote
TClogSummary. There are versions for Windows and Linux. I had a look
at munin but it seems to be an overkill. But of course it works with
RRDtool whitch is pretty much standard today.

You can see what can be done with RRDtool/eLuna and TClogSummary here

Old TC Client / Receiver Io :

New TC Client / Receiver Ganymed:

New TC Client / Receiver Kallisto:

You will have to learn how to write or adapt very small scripts using
perl, bash and awk (usually less than 10 lines, I have no WEB-Site
anymore but I could make all my update scripts available somehow) to
produce the numbers that go to the RRDs. This should be rather easy
after you got your GNU/Linux receiver going ...


My receivers are a work in progress and might be down sometimes. I
experiment with the new TC Client.

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