Howto monitor/graph Tellicast/receiver device in Linux?

Christian Peters

Dear group members,

I set up a receiver PC running Linux Ubuntu 14.04 32bit and Tellicst 2.3.4a with a TBS 5925 USB box.
It was a real challenge! But: it's working fine now and I start to think about monitoring some data.
I set up munin (a monitor solution I know and which was quite easy) to get a website with graphs for CPU, memory, disk, network etc. But I would like to monitor even S/N, lost/missed/recovere packets, link margin etc. There are solutions for mrtg and win on the great website of D.Taylor but I didn't find any information for linux on the web. I found a nice script at Dundee Satellite Receiving Station named recv.log file analyser which give me some ideas what could be possible. Even there I found some nice code to extract the missed packets from the tellicast website:

# Use links to get tellicast Missed and recovered packets
open(CMD, "links -dump http://localhost:2517/www/tsl/receiver/tsl_receiver_statistics.html |") || die "cannot run links localhost";
@f=split(/[ :]+/);
if (/Missed Data Packets before FEC:/)
$tc_missed = $f[6];
if (/Recovered Data Packets:/)
$tc_recovered = $f[4];
printf "Tellicast missed %s packets before FEC %s recovered&#92;n", $tc_missed, $tc_recovered;

But I am not really a programming guy so if somone have some tips or scripts, or ideas howto get that data monitored (e.g. from the TBS device or the Tellicast website) it would be very helpfull! Or if this is a real challenge it was even hepful to let me know if you think it's to hard to setup such monitoring solution without high knowledge of linux and scripting.



Dundee Satellite Receiving Station Dundee Satellite Receiving Station, Dundee University, UK, maintains an up-to-date archive of images from NOAA, SeaStar, Terra and Aqua polar orbiting ...

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