Re: Joining Eumetcast - asking for hardware recommendations

Christian Peters


I copied to usr/bin. I just recompiled and placed it in my home directory-but no change. I can invoke xRITDecompress <filename> and it decompresses all well. So it's working.
No special 32bit compile switch found, g++ show a '-m32' so I think all went well.

It's odd too bad that the debug output doesn't tell anything that pytroll is realizing that there are compressed files to process?! So I don't know exactly where the stopper is!?


Am 30.01.16 um 12:27 schrieb francis@... [MSG-1]:

Christian, where is your xRITDecompress file?
I presume you did build it for 32bit as per the README.txt file in the
unzipped folder?

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