Re: Joining Eumetcast - asking for hardware recommendations

Christian Peters


thank you very much-I will switch on the debug mode!
Generating the images (I used the demo scripts from the pytroll website) works great, even saving the images. The problem I have is that I only can process the decompressed (wavelet) data. Do you decompress the raw data coming from Eumetcast with the tool xRITDEcompress from Eumetsat or did you got the decompressing working which should be able with mpop/mipp (using xRITDEcompress)? My big problem is that I only can process the data if I manuall decompress the data first? Didnt' find a solution to use the data with -C__ straigth and found no good way to decompress the data and store it into a new folder?
Did you alter the .cfg file and read out the compressed or decompressed files from the <dataFolder>?



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